Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to find that special something

Me? I love stalling for things I want, like interviews! (Please email me back!!!) Believe it or not, if I didn’t have any readers, stalling would be a lot easier, but since they demand content from me, I can only oblige them as quickly as is humanly possible, juggling this alongside my many other responsibilities. (HA!) Anyway, enough random screaming! I actually have something to talk about today and that is:

Finding new webcomics! I can’t really drone on about this for too long because it’s really quite simple. It’s odd, when I first considered writing this post I thought: “Well gee, I’ll write about two things and that’ll be the end of it.” However, I’ve just realized that there’s more to it than I first thought, so here goes nothing.

1.) Your friends know what you like. It’s true. Always take the advice of your friends when it comes to webcomics. XKCD was the webcomic that opened my eyes to the world of webcomics, and I never would have found it except for a friend of mine that loves the Ender’s series quite a bit more than I do. A well placed email is often all it takes to find your new favorite thing.

2.) Guest comics. Don’t ignore them! Yes, other artists/writers tend to take your favorite characters and skew them in some sort of unfavorable light, and you may feel angry, but what you should be paying attention to is the humor in them. Most sites I know of have a guest comic week. How such things got started is something I do not know, but most artists feel that they are obligatory. (Especially Sam Logan) Now while I personally have not found any webcomics I actually liked using this method, it can still turn you on to some good art, and what the heck, you may even find new love.

3.) Links. Yes, I know it’s obvious, but it’s crazy how many people can forget about something like this! Pretty much every webcomic I read has a page that is just chock full of links to other comics. If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday evening, just go ahead and click on a couple. Okay, so you hate everything you’ve seen so far. What does this mean for you? Don’t stop clicking. The internet is too huge to give up so fast.

4.) Read my blog of course! But I’m sure you saw that coming.

I hope that helps someone! Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’re looking for something new, just don’t give up.

Dave *_*

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  1. Following links works sometimes, but i have yet to find ones that match up to the comics i already like. Thank goodness for my nerdy friend who does all the work for me!