Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are his eyebrows attached?

Clearly there is something wrong with me. First of all, I have started saying the word ‘clearly’ far too often, and second of all, yet another week has gone by with little or no webcomic action from yours truly, and for this I do apologize. Since most of you have probably given up on me I feel like I can start fresh with this audience of nothing that I adore almost as much as real people. This last week I have been so busy that I haven’t even read anything, much less written anything, but right now I’m waiting for a ride to someplace (because the car is down and out for now) so I figured, What the heck? Why not write something?

Today I would like to talk about Sam Logan’s Sam and Fuzzy. Why the main character is named after the writer is something we will hopefully find out if and when Mr. Logan does a questionnaire for me. Anyway, I must start off by saying that this comic is buckets of fun. If fun were a tangible substance you could fill those Gatorade thingys up with it and dump it on yourself. There are a lot of reasons why this comic is so good, and I will go into them for you starting… now!

First of all, we have the one that many might consider the star of the entire thing, the man, the legend, Fuzzy himself! Clearly Sam (a young adult male with funky hair and a button nose) is the main character. There are long stretches of time in which Fuzzy doesn’t appear at all, so you may wonder, “How can a member of the supporting cast be the star?” Well my dear reader, let’s just say that Fuzzy is all of the things you sometimes (in moments of insanity of course) wish you could be. Fuzzy is an amoral, insane, psychotic, sociopathic, egomaniacal, bear sort of thing… It is certainly unclear that he’s a bear, especially since he has the most amazing eyebrows of all time. I envy them.

Fuzzy, despite his personality, is very smart, and despite ruining portions of Sam’s life, he tries to be a good friend. Fuzzy is heavily dependent on Sam even though he may sometimes talk and act like he needs no one but himself. Mr. Logan has done a wonderful job of adding mystique to this character. Constantly, we readers wonder where this thing came from and why he can’t remember his past. Obviously this is a story for another time. Mr. Logan is very happy to give us small tidbits as things drag on.

Sam, of whom Fuzzy is a mere sidekick, is a very nice and likeable guy. He’s got a good heart and he tries to be kind to others regardless of their status in life, be it ninja, death metal band lead singer, delivery girl, spoof of Edward(Twilight), or fridge possessed by a demon. As nice guys go, he fits most of the clichés. He has a hard time standing up for himself a lot of the time and he can come off as being quite wimpy. In spite of appearances, he’s pretty hardcore. His ideas are good most of the time, and though he might be afraid, he does what he needs to.

The comic itself is wacky, and I’m sure by now you should be noticing a trend in the sort of things I read. It starts off in the way of many comedic comics, a joke every four panels. Soon however, we discover that Sam Logan has quite a knack for weaving a decent story arc: twists, elaborate back stories, exciting finishes and all. He’s quite skilled at toying with your heart as well. You will find yourself wanting the protagonists to succeed so badly that you become frustrated when things don’t go quite how they were hoping. These are the marks of a great storyteller. I imagine that in the future, Marvel and DC, along with Boom!, Dark Horse, Image, and all those other comic companies, may want to start looking seriously at webcomic artists as writers.

Sam and Fuzzy is a strange and off the wall comic about everything for anyone who would like to add a little more surreality to their life.

Sam and Fuzzy gets a very respectable 8.6 out of 10.


  1. To rewrite "My Fair Lady" is pretty funny. Fuzzy would seem to be the comedian of the comic. He reminds me a lot of Bucky in "Get Fuzzy". Hmm, ironic.

  2. you gonna keep this up or not? cause i like it so far.

  3. No, he's not dead, just sick.