Thursday, October 8, 2009

What about the content now?

Well at long last a hole has opened in my schedule, so here I am, only a day late and several thousand dollars short, but that’s why we try to get famous right? School has actually been kind of fun now that we’re learning the stuff that I entered the program to learn exactly a year ago now. Also, preparations for Otaku-Con (Spokane’s only Anime and Gaming Convention) are well underway, so I’m pretty excited about that. Also, it seems I’ll be receiving some kind of gift towards the end of this month, so I’m very stoked for that as well. Enough about me, let’s get to the webcomics!

Now last Tuesday I told you that I’d be blogging a bit more about Lavapunch 2. Unfortunately that was a pretty much a flat out lie because I realized that it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to talk about a bunch of work that can’t be seen unless you go spend twelve dollars or so. As a result of these factors I’ve ditched further reviews on some of those pieces in favor of something that everyone can actually see. For the record, LP 2 will be back on this blog, but I’ll be a bit more careful about the stories I choose from it, ie: I’ll ditch the ones that don’t have a working website attached to their end notes.

Anywho, yeah, webcomics. The amount of blathering I’ve done in this particular blogpost borders on the questionable… which reminds me: Questionable Content! Yes, the name is descriptive and indicative of some of the things you may find there, but it mostly concerns the robot, whom we’ll get to in a moment. QC (as it is thankfully abbreviated) is a webcomic about a young music major living his life in Boston, Massachusetts, which is incidentally the most annoying state name to spell. His name is Marten, and he’s basically your all around pretty cool dude. The comic, which in itself covers somewhere between two and six months comic time, has actually been published every weekday for at least three years if not more, so there’s a lot of material to catch up on. This is not a comic that you read once in a while for kicks and giggles. It’s a time investment. The characterization skills of the writer are simply beastly, so if you really want the full picture you need to read the entire thing from start to finish.

We’ll talk about the robot for a minute. He’s a weird dude, and most if not everything he says is NSFW, so read at your own peril. For the most part the comic keeps its hands clean, from Swartzchild Radius jokes, to the incredibly awkward situations we’ve all experienced and come to enjoy in a perverted sort of way. Now the robot, he’s amoral much like Fuzzy of Sam and Fuzzy fame, but let’s just say that his amorality stems from an obsession with something that robots just can’t do. That being said, I skip the vast majority of the robot pages because that kind of humor is just not something I’m into.

Jeph Jacques is dang good at what he does. I personally don’t think of him as the sort of guy who writes stories in the normal fashion. He doesn’t generate vast and conclusive story arcs, and the comic isn’t really designed to end at any point, or at least that’s how it seems from my side of the table. I think the comic’s infinite nature is actually a strong point. It cuts out slices of people’s lives; sometimes he’s quoting your life, and sometimes he’s referencing the life you always wish you had. Be careful when reading it, especially if you attack webcomics in the same way I do. I mean to say that I read them non-stop for hours on end sometimes, so while that may help me finish them faster, it also tends to generate emotional attachments to the characters. On the day that I caught up to the current date, I felt a pang of sadness. So just to forewarn you, it’ll jerk you around in ways you didn’t think a comic could.

I don’t know why I always talk about the art last of all, but it’s just something I do, ya know? The art has varied over the life of the comic, and that is something I say with the utmost amount of respect possible. His artwork has done nothing but improve over the years, so much so that you may see random people on the street and think, “Wow, that totally looks like Dora!” It went from being very square and gray to being full of curves and vibrant colors. Though it appears that his art has probably reached its plateau, that is absolutely nothing to be sad about. It’s drawn a lot better than a majority of the stuff I’ve seen, so I think we can give him props for that.

So it appears that I’ve lied to you all. I must mention this before I leave you. The writer really fleshes out his universe. Marten has a blog, and all of the main characters, including some of the not so main ones, all have highly active twitter accounts, so it’s just kind of something fun to do if you decide to let these characters take over your life.

This comic is for people who want to laugh at their lives from afar.

QC gets a rather non-questionable 8.5 out of 10.



  1. Eh, i don't care for this one so much, but that's just me.

  2. QC is something i read in spurts. i'll read it for a week or two and then find something else, but then i'll remember it and read it for another week or two. it just doesn't caputre me the way some others do.

  3. New blog! New blog! Give the people what they want! :)

  4. i see that you're taking notes out of my playbook now. posting only frequently enough to keep people slightly interested. well played. of course you will have to actually post again if you want to keep anyone interested at all.

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